Preventive check-up

Preventive check-ups help to maintain and strengthen oral health in order to prevent diseases and injuries.

We care about the health of your teeth, so we invite you to do regular check-ups.

Oral hygiene

An adequate oral hygiene is essential to protect against caries, gingival disease prevention and keeping oral health in general. We need to take care of it our whole life, using devices such as toothbrush, dental floss and interdental brush and toothpaste.

To complement your oral hygiene we recommend to clinically remove hard plaque regularly. The use of modern technology does not cause damage to the teeth and is less painful. The blast removed discoloration of teeth, which is mostly result of our bad habits, such as coffee, wine and tobacco. With polishing, tooth surface becomes smoother and express its natural color. On a smoother surface accumulates less plaque and in particular it should be easier to perform the cleaning.